In 2017, The Franklin Institute reached more than one million people within the walls of our historic building, throughout the city of Philadelphia, and across the nation.

As one of America's leading science centers, the Institute and those charged with leading this venerable institution work tirelessly to build scientific literacy in our region, to expand equity and access to the world of STEM, to offer impactful educational opportunities, to celebrate scientific achievement, and—most of all—to inspire a passion for learning about science and technology in people of all ages. Whether you became a member or purchased a ticket, attended an event or partnered on a project, your support is key to our success. In the 2017 Annual Report—the first in our history to be digitized—we recognize your support and a year of accomplishments. We do so with gratitude and with a warm invitation to you to return to the Institute soon and often. On behalf of everyone at The Franklin Institute, thank you for your support.

Dear Friends,

Donald E. Morel Ph.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees
Larry Dubinski
President and CEO


Jurassic World:
The Exhibition

By the end of its run, Jurassic World: The Exhibition had invited a quarter of a million people to come face-to-face with life-size animatronic dinosaurs. These towering giants on the mythical island of Isla Nublar brought with them an intriguing layer of real-world science—they were created based on dinosaur DNA, fossils, and paleontological specimens!


From assisting people with differing abilities to dealing a round of 21, robots play an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. During Robot Revolution, guests were introduced to the advanced machines that shape our future and given the chance to try their hand at circuitry building, game dissection, and a host of educational activities that demystified our world of gadgets.

Mirror Maze:
Numbers in Nature

The secrets of the natural world can be unlocked by a deeper dive into the field of geometry. In Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature, vistiors explored how butterfly wings, music pitches, blood vessels, and more can be understood through mathematical principles, before exploring an immersive, 1,700-square-foot maze of mirrors.


of the First Emperor

Imagine it is 1974 and you, a farmer, go out into a persimmon orchard to dig a well and stumble upon the greatest archaeological find of the century: an army of thousands clay soldiers made to watch over China's first emperor for all of eternity. 10 of the famed terracotta statues traveled to Philadelphia with 160 other artifacts and, for the first time, stood at the center of an exhibit exploring the science and technology behind the unearthed army.


More than 200 middle and high school students took part in our Partnerships for Achieving Careers in Technology and Science (PACTS) program, which celebrated its 25th year in 2017. Over the last year, PACTS participants empowered themselves to pursue a career in STEM through the Laureates' Lab, Robot Build Day, activity tables on forensics and robot demonstrations at the seventh annual Philadelphia Science Festival, middle school robotics tournaments as part of the Penn FIRST LEGO League, science demonstrations at the West Park Arts Fest, the NERC Battle Bot Competition, and a host of other community events.

With weekly workshops during the academic year and an intensive summer program, STEM Scholars continued to offer more than 60 motivated students from more than 20 area high schools unique opportunities for academic enrichment, field trips, real-world learning, paid internships, test preparation, and college counseling.  In 2017, 12 graduating STEM Scholars, bolstered by four years of doing everything from building telescopes to testing water quality of the Chesapeake, went on to national colleges and universities.

Through the Student ACCESS Program, 30,560 under-resourced schoolchildren visited the Institute at no cost at all and some 200,000 visited at deeply discounted rates.

Student ACCESS

From ballpit explosions... flying


Live Science

made science come alive
in exciting and dynamic ways
on the Institute's floor for


visitors in the audience.


Science Shows

From Connecticut to Virginia, 914 Traveling Science Shows took place in 623 places to inspire 124,317 people in their own communities with topics such as meteorology, aviation, chemistry, engineering, and space, advancing science literacy in a fun, hands-on way.









Each day, guests of all ages made paper from recycled materials, dissected real cow eyes and sheep hearts, and learned what makes things go BOOM, all through our demonstration carts throughout the Institute.



sheep hearts


kilos of paper pulp


cow eye balls


Science Festival

In 2017, 200 collaborating partner institutions facilitated 338 hands-on activities and provided 43 speakers across 82 events to inspire curiosity in 73,701 attendees throughout the Philadelphia Science Festival. This region-wide celebration reaches people in their own neighborhoods to inspire a passion for learning about science and technology.








in the Summer™️

Sponsored by GSK and administered by The Franklin Institute, GSK Science in the Summer™ is a free program that introduces scientific concepts to students in grades 2-6 through hands-on activities in community-based settings like public libraries.

In 2017, The Franklin Institute reached
4,665 students in Philadelphia, and

expanded nationally

through the generous support of GSK

to reach
reaching more than

Beginning in 2007 as a partnership between The Franklin Institute and the Free Library of Philadelphia, Leap into Science is now a national effort to promote science and literacy learning in underserved urban and rural communities. In 2017, The Franklin Institute received a $2.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to disseminate Leap into Science across 15 states by 2021, through state-level partnerships between museums, libraries, and out-of-school time organizations.

Leap Into Science

The goal of this program is to reach


and more than


who have impacted the lives of

children and families.

Science After Hours

Whether mixing up a cosmic cocktail concoction or delving into the science of the silver screen, more than 17,000 members of Philadelphia's 21+ crowd took part in one of 10 themed Science After Hours events in 2017, donning their finest flapper duds for a Speakeasy celebration and breaking out their brooms for a first fall flight at the Wizarding School.

Who doesn't want to gaze at the Moon or other celestial bodies? 7,080 visitors did just that at the Institute's monthly Night Skies in the Observatory events while learning about topics like the Mars Rover, the International Space Station, David Bowie Asterism, and more in and around the historic Joel N. Bloom Observatory.

Night Skies in the

Ten times throughout the year, thanks to the generous support of Merck & Co., Inc. and EMD Performance Materials Corp., The Franklin Institute opens its doors to anyone and everyone­—regardless of financial means­—during Community Night. In 2017, 8,327 people enjoyed all the Institute has to offer, with more than 60% visiting Community Night for the very first time.

Community Night

If you could edit your unborn child's genes
to protect them from disease, would you? What's the best method for protecting our waterways from pollution and the effects of climate change?

and more than
Facebook Live followers

pondered these questions and more during our


Speaker Series

events last year.

The Great American

Solar Eclipse

On August 21, The Franklin Institute was THE place to be in Philadelphia. Over 10,000 people gathered to witness the Great American Solar Eclipse. That day, the Institute distributed more than 3,500 free solar viewers, set up 30 Sun Spotters, and erected four mylar tents so everyone could safely view this wonder of the cosmos.

Meanwhile, in St. Joseph, Missouri (where the eclipse had 100% totality, opposed to Philly's 80%), Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts provided live coverage of the 2 minutes and 38 seconds-long event—inspiring people across the country with his expert commentary and contagious passion.

Science Stories

A Science Story: A moment when you first look through a telescope, gaze into the night sky, and realize that what seemed like a bright light was actually a planet. Or, when you dive beneath the waves and discover a vast ecosystem of flora and fauna. We all have science stories, tales of the moment when we suddenly felt connected to the world around us. What's yours? Thanks to the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage now you can listen to others' science stories and share your own.

Everyone has a science story...
what's yours?

Science Stories has been supported by an advancement grant from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.




From uncovering the Earth's past deep beneath frozen ground to revolutionizing technology through light, from understanding the human brain's intricacies to explaining the materials of the future and developing new ways to create them, from unlocking the mechanism of disease to demonstrating that working together leads to success, the 2017 Franklin Institute laureates exemplified the incredible range of talent involved in the discovery and development of new scientific ideas and the transformation of those ideas from theory to application.

Budd BB1 Pioneer

After more than a year of off-site restoration, the Budd BB1 Pioneer landed safely at its 20th Street home outside the Institute where it has stood as a signature icon of technological ingenuity since 1934. This innovative piece of aviation history is the world's first aircraft built entirely of stainless steel and flew over the Alps from France to Italy TWICE.

Funding generously provided by Lisa D. Kabnick & John H. McFadden and Alfred (Fred) Hagen & Hagen Construction, Inc.


Professional Development

1,380 adults expanded their understanding of the neuroscience of learning and how psychology affects business thanks to The Franklin Institute's innovative professional development offerings.

3D Printing

the Future

3D printing has already changed our world, allowing custom casts to set broken bones and astronauts to create the tools they need in outer space. In this gallery, Institute visitors explored an exact replica of the 3D printer aboard the International Space Station, as well as hundreds of 3D-printed pieces made right inside the Institute.

How will 3D printing shape your future?

Modern technology allows us to shed new light on the past. During the run of Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor, more than 34,000 visitors around the globe downloaded and used the accompanying augmented reality app to build clay armies of their very own and to view the clay figures with superimposed weaponry and tools that have long-since crumbled to dust. Over the course of the year, the Institute distributed more than 10,000 Google Cardboards, presented at 17 VR/AR conferences worldwide, and hosted a conference of our own with groups from 40 other organizations thanks to the generous support of the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

Augmented and
Virtual Reality

Major support for the Terracotta Warriors Augmented Reality experience has been provided by:

Social Media



Revenue and

The Franklin Institute’s 2017 audited financial statements can be found here.


Board of


Hallee Adelman
Sandra K. Baldino
Michael F. Barry
Nick Bayer
Joel A. Bernstein
Wade H. Berrettini, M.D., Ph.D.
Suzanne Boda
Renee B. Booth, Ph.D.
Yvette D. Bright
Pierre Brondeau
Donald E. Callaghan
Troy Carter
Peter K. Classen
Annie Duke
Michael Forman
Christopher Franklin
John Fries
Christopher Gali
Toni Garrison
Elizabeth Gemmill
Richard J. Green

Grete Greenacre
Richard Greenawalt
Julia Dranoff Gutstadt
Richard Henriques
Frances E. Jensen, M.D., FACP
Stephen E. Kelly
Elaine Levitt
Charisse R. Lillie, Esq.
Ira M. Lubert
James J. Maguire, Jr.
Miriam Mandell
Sandra Marshall
Chris McIsaac
Robert S. McMenamin
Denis P. O’Brien
Paul A. Offit, M.D.
Quentin Roach
Marvin Samson
William Sigmund, MD, MHS, FACC
Joan N. Stern, Esq.
Andrea Stewart

Richard W. Vague
Luiz G. Vieira
Sue Webb
Tina Wells
Paul H. Woodruff, PE
Harold L. Yoh III
Dr. Karen Zimmer


Daniel A. Abramowicz, Ph.D.
Tom Caramanico
The Honorable Darrell L. Clarke
Larry Dubinski
William R. Hite, Jr., Ed.D.
Camillo J. Taylor
The Honorable James Kenney
Represented by Otis Hackney
The Honorable Tom Wolf
Represented by Michelle Singer


Erin Armstrong
Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Digital Media

Siobhan Keefe
Vice President, Finance

Ina Lankenau
Vice President, Human Resources

Julie March
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Mark Mills
Vice President, External Affairs

Richard Rabena
Senior Vice President, Operations

Darryl Williams, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Science and Education

The Franklin Institute is grateful to Susan Poulton, who served as Chief Digital Officer until September 2018.

Individual &
Foundation Support

$100,000 OR MORE

Pietro and Elvira Giorgi Foundation
The Hamilton Family
Charitable Trust
Mrs. Samuel M. V. Hamilton, Sr.*
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Morel, Jr.
The William Penn Foundation
The Pew Center for Arts
and Heritage
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Marvin Samson Foundation

$25,000 to $99,999

Hallee and David Adelman
Mr. Peter A. Benoliel and
Ms. Willo Carey
Louis and Sandra
Berkman Foundation
Donald E. and Hana Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Camardo
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
CLAWS Foundation
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
The Danaher Lynch Family Foundation
Marian and Ken Disken
Dana Dortone and Stephen Esser

Ms. Annie Duke
Exelon Foundation
The Goldblum Family
Alfred (Fred) Hagen and
Hagen Construction Inc.
Hess Foundation, Inc.
Elaine Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch
The MOSI Foundation
Lisa D. Kabnick and
John H. McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Maguire, Jr.
Sandra and David Marshall
Tom and Linda McCarthy

Mrs. John P. Mulroney
Drs. Bonnie and Paul Offit
Patriarch Family Foundation
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Judith Quigley Ruse
Andrea Anania Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Subak
Mr. Richard W. Vague
Agnes Varis Charitable Trust
John Waterbury and
Christine Dearnaley
Herman O. West Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999

Mr. and Mrs.* Daniel Amoroso
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Avery
Dr. and Mrs. Allen M. Barnett
Michael Barry and Patricia Bartlett
Helen D. Groome Beatty Trust, administered by BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Mr. Joel A. Bernstein
Renee Bellamy Booth, Ph.D.
Ms. Yvette D. Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre R. Brondeau
Elia D. Buck
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Dr. Edward H. Chun
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Classen
Ian and Marci Comisky
Connelly Foundation
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Larry Dubinski and Vicki Markovitz
The Eden Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Egleston
Daniel and Jaclyn Fee
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fishman
Mr. Michael C. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fries
Toni and Bob Garrison

Ms. Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Anne & Philip Glatfelter III Family Foundation
Mr. Richard J. Green
The CHG Charitable Trust
Martyn and Grete Greenacre
Rich and Peggy Greenawalt
Ed and Ellen Hanway
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hirsh
Hoxie Harrison Smith Foundation
Melanie Katzmann
Stephen and Michelle Kelly
The William M. King Charitable Foundation
Susan and Leonard Klehr
Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and
Joe Neubauer
Charisse R. Lillie, Esq.
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Lubert Family Foundation
Samuel P. Mandell Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. Seymour G. Mandell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McCabe IV
Chris and Linda McIsaac
Leigh and John Middleton
David J. Miller and
Maureen Brennan-Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Denis P. O’Brien

The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
Pincus Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Rorer
Rorer Foundation, Inc.
Ed Satell and the Satell Family Foundation
H. David Seegul and
Barbara Mozino Seegul,
Peter S. Mozino Foundation
Jessie G. S. Simpson
Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Simpson
Joan N. Stern, Esq.
Christina L. Sterner and Steve Poses,   

    The Don Falconio Memorial Fund of the         Philadelphia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Tarte
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Unruh
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vosbikian
Robert and Sue Webb
Ted and Stephanie Wolf
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Yoh III
Zeldin Family Foundation
Drs. Karen and Gary Zimmer


Giorgi Family

Support from the Giorgi Family Foundation further enabled both PACTS and STEM Scholars to reach under-resourced middle and high school students with an affinity for STEM, allowing them to learn from partner institutions, teachers, and themselves.

$5,000 to $9,999

James and Janet Averill
Sandra K. Baldino
Myron and Sheila Bassman
Dr. and Mrs. Wade H. Berrettini
Ms. Suzanne F. Boda
Donna and Jon Boscia
Mrs. Barbara Brodsky
The Solomon and Sylvia Bronstein Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Calvert, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Caramanico
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
The DeSimone Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Donohoe
Carmel and John Dorsey
Louise Duffy and Gus Dias-Lalcaca
Mrs. Donald L. Felley
Patsy and Ed Garno
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Gerrity, Jr.

Stuart and Suzanne Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hamill
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Havens
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Henriques
Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Hymerling
The Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Dr. Frances Jensen and
Mr. Jeff Berry
The James and Agnes Kim Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Susan Y. Kim
Josephine Klein
Molly and Ken Lawrence
The Lung Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McAtee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. McMenamin
Gilroy & Lillian Roberts
Charitable Foundation
Mark R. Mills

Steve and Debbie Modzelewski
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Nesbitt III
Bill and Donna Oliver
Dr. Camille Paglia and
Vernon L. Francis, Esq.
PNAA Foundation
Laura Raab
Jay and Gretchen Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Robinson
The Scholler Foundation
Mr. Joel C. Shapiro and
Ms. Carolyn Hartman
Samuel and Kate Sidewater,
Steven Sidewater and
Judy Munroe, and The Sidewater Family Foundation
Karlyn Skipworth

$3,000 to $4,999

Ms. Ann Aerts
Mrs. Harris C. Aller, Jr.
Flying Angels, Bob and Margie Bacheler
Mark and Ann Baiada
Carol Baker and Mark Stein
Sherrin H. Baky-Nessler and
William Nessler
Martha and Alexis Barron, Esq.
Ms. Catherine V. Beath
James and Doris Brogan
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Buckley
Gus and Jenny Rose Carey
Barbara R. Cobb
Dave and Marilyn Cragin
Rhoda and Michael Danziger
Pamela C. Doggett
Yamini Durani and Vijay Shankaran
Mr. Marc Duvivier and
Dr. Evelyn Duvivier
Sensational Host, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Freundlich

Geoffrey and Tamara Garlow
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Gerstein
Doris and Arnold Glaberson
Dr. Janice Taylor Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Halloran, Jr.
Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
Paul C. Heintz, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hill III
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holt, Jr.
Karen R. Nagel Kamp, Ph.D.
Jonathan Kaplan
Jacqueline and Eric Kraeutler
The Kuebler Family
Thomas P. Leist
Drs. John and Regina Lepore
Drs. Mary and Donald Levick
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Maslow
Rachel and James McLaughlin
Mr. William McNichol
David R. McShane, Samantha Fund
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Mestichelli
The Mill Spring Foundation

Paul R. Nemeth and Jean Flood
Mr. Edward Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. Homayoon Pasdar
Mr. and Mrs. R. Anderson Pew
Pfundt Foundation
The Philadelphia Foundation
Dr. Russell C. Raphaely
Clair and Jeanne Raubenstine
Claire Reichlin and D. Walter Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato
Keven and Julieann Shanahan
John and Dee Sickler
Randi Leavitt and Robert Silverman
Sprague Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trucksess
Patricia and Ronald Wall
Suzanne Welsh, The William Penn Foundation Special Gifts Program
Barbara Eberlein and Jerry Wind
Paul and Marcia Woodruff
Linda Gamble and Michael Zisman

$1,500 to $2,999

Daniel A. Abramowicz
The Abrams Family
Drs. Patrick C. Alguire and
Barbara Mathes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Allen
Julie and Andrew March
Robert Averbach
Arthur and K.C. Baldadian
Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Barton
Victor M. Bearg
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Benovic
Lawrence H. and Julie Berger
Pamela and David Berkman
The Sybiel B. Berkman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Binswanger
Mr. Sheldon M. Bonovitz
The Borowsky Family Fund
of The Philadelphia Foundation
Elizabeth Brodie
Julian and Lois Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney R. Brown
Michelle and Ben Bustard
Christine M. Campbell and
William Massa
Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio and
Dr. Daniel Rader
Carol and Bruce Caswell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Chappelear
David B. Crowley
Alice B. Cullen
Howard and Leslie Cyr
Alice M. Dagit
Barbara and Mark Del Duke
Mrs. Sylvia M. DiBona
Kevin Duffy and Georgette McAuley
The Edelstein Family
The Ehlers Organization
Bari-Joy and Douglas Epstein
Helen H. Ford
Drs. Bruce Forman and
Joy Weinstein
Mr. Christopher Franklin
Jayne and Walter Garrison
Bob Gelsher
Marci Generose

Dr. Scott Goldman and
Dr. Maryalice Cheney
Daniele and Christopher Greiner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grote
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grout
Mr. and Mrs. David Gutstadt
Eric Hafler
Linda and Bryan Hauptfuhrer
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Heller, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Anthony Hitschler
Joseph J. Hochreiter and
Eileen G. Wachtman
Lynne and Harold Honickman
Margie and Jeffrey Honickman
Mr. Garrick Hudson
Dr. Kathy Jakuc and Mr. Peter Jakuc
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Justi
Siobhan Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith, Jr.
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David R. King
Mr. Walter C. Kinzinger
Kenneth and Elaine Kirby
Kenneth Kleinman and Debra Fein
Mr. Walter Korn
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kovach
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Landon,
The Landon Family Foundation
Deborah and Gary Ledley
Ned S. Levi and Frances S. Levi
Dr. Claude Lorius
Pam and Kevin Mahoney
John Makara and
Katherine Patterson
David and Marie Meglio
John and Judy Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Handsel B. Minyard
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mirabello
Rosemarie and Ralph Mazzeo
Linda and Michael Morales
Deborah Nemiroff
Margaret Anne Nolen
Dr. Albert T. Olenzak
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Philips

Pam and Hobie Porter
Dr. Nick Poulton
Mr. Hershel J. Richman and
Dr. Elizabeth R. Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin N. Roller
Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Ronning
Robert N. Roop, P.E. and
Katherine Kay
Lon and Jeff Rosenblum
Mr. and Mrs. David Rowland
Eric Rugart
Ralph E. Ruocco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Salvo
Mr. Andrew B. Samson
Joyce Seewald Sando
Roberta and Ernest Scheller, Jr.
Sarah and John Schmader
Bruce and Sheila Schwartz
Paul and Susan Shaman
Elana and Brian Shaw
Mr. Michael Sklaroff
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brainard Slack
Hal and Ann Sorgenti
Mary Lee and Bill Stallkamp
Paul and Cynthia Sucro
Robert and Peg Swayne
Michael and Nicole Teti
Maud and Brian Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trala
Dr. and Mrs. C. Raymond Trout
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Ulrich
Thomas M. and Patricia W. Vernon
Jack and Ramona Vosbikian
Joyce L. Walker
Ms. Carol Elizabeth Ware
Mr. Brian Wenzinger
Gordon H. Wilder
Mr. A. Morris Williams, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Williams, Jr.
Rosalind and Bob Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Winston
Ian Wright and Sheila Marie Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Yoseloff
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Zoll

$1,000 to $1,499

Hamin Abdullah
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Allon, MBA
Ed Anderson
ASCE Philadelphia Section
Mark S. Bardi
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bonner, Jr.
Theodore and Nancie Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Cannady
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Caristo
Susan W. and
Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
Professor James R. Chelikowsky
The Honorable Ida K. Chen
Professor and Mrs. Marvin L. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket, Jr.
Christina Deaver
Jane Diamond
Dr. Nazanin Ghobadi
Dr. Joseph S. Gordon
Danny and Ashley Govberg

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hoyer
Mr. Stephen A. Jannetta
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kirchner
Diane and Brian Kitson
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell B. Kowal, Jr.
Justin Land
Mr. Brendan Lawrence
Catalina and James Loveman
Ms. Mary Anne Lowery
Mrs. Jane C. MacElree III
Mr. Michael Mattia
$1,000 to $1,499 (continued)
Tim McKenna and Lina Stasytyte
Ms. Ann Micka
Amanda Muckle
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Needleman
Ms. Sara D. Nerken
Dr. Lisa Nocera and
Mr. Dana Newbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf A. Paier

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pappo
Drs. Carol and Terry Parssinen
Lanny and Ann Patten
Dr. Joel and Bobbie Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Puzo
Rich D. Rabena
Joseph and Marlene Ramsay
The Estate of Dr. Nathaniel M. Robinson
Ms. Caroline B. Rogers
Mr. Joseph W. Rogers, Jr.
Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Ph.D.
Stephen Rosenzweig and Barbara Exler
Ms. Cynthia D. Rugart
Stefanie Santo
Buck and Mary Scott
The Seligsohn Foundation
Betsy and Bob Wahlquist
Ms. Tina Wells
Mr. and Mrs. David R. White
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson
Dr. Fredrick Zumsteg

The Benjamin Franklin

Legacy Society


Rochelle and
Robert Hirsh

Rochelle and Robert Hirsh joining the Benjamin Franklin Legacy Society ensures that the Institute will receive valuable support via their generous planned gift.

Craig Abramson
Estate of John Aidukonis*
Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Andes*
Sherrin H. Baky-Nessler
Mr. Charles E. Balleisen*
Myron and Sheila Bassman
Victor M. Bearg
Richard C. Bechtel*
Mr.* and Mrs. George E. Beggs, Jr.
Eugene A. Benners*
Anne S. Benninghoff
Peter A. Benoliel
Melvin J. Buckman
Francis J. Carey*
Sylvia Charp*
Guilliam H. Clamer*
Darthela Clark*
Donald G. Cleaver*
Mr.* and Mrs. Sylvan M. Cohen
D. Walter Cohen
Walter Coley*
John Swope Collins*
David and Marilyn Cragin
Raymond Czarnica*
John K. Desmond, Jr.*
Ruth C. Detrick
William K. Dickey*
Larry Dubinski
Ruth Dubinsky
Dr.* and Mrs. James J. Eberl

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Egleston
Warren F. Busse*
Sydney T. Fisher*
Ethan C. Flint
Drs. Barbara and Len Frank
Benjamin Franklin*
Geoffrey and Tamara Garlow
Patricia Gawerecki* in honor of
Anna Saffron Yablonski
Robert Gelsher
Carol K. Gerstley*
Bradley K. Gordon
Gertrude E. Gouley*
Suzanne and Stuart Grant
Mrs. Samuel M. V. Hamilton, Sr.*
Barbara D. and Robert P.* Hauptfuhrer
Paul C. Heintz, Esq.
Joseph Hepburn*
Rochelle and Robert Hirsh
Charles H. Hoover*
Helen M. Humphreville*
Josephine S. Klein
Judith A. Klein*
George E. Lamphere*
Ronald A. and Joyce S. Landon, Landon Family Foundation
Henry Leffman*
Mary Anne Lowery
Edwin J. McSherry*
Mr. Richard T. Nalle, Jr.*
Jeffrey Needleman
Linda Needleman
Marion S. Neuber*

Austin M. O’Toole*
Ted and Patti Paroly
Kathleen and Edward Pereles
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Philips
Theodore Rand*
Mr. Francis H. Rasmus
Elizabeth and Hershel Richman
Frances R. Rinier*
Mrs. Bertha Rogasner*
Viola H. Rolph*
Robert N. Roop, P.E.
Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Karl F. Rugart, Jr.*
Catharine D. Sharpe*
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Somers, 3rd*
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Sorgenti
Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Stearns, Jr.*
Jim* and Andrea Stewart
Edna Thomas*
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Tuttleman*
Miss Marjorie J. Upson*
John W. Waterbury
Marisa Wigglesworth
Robert G. and Rosalind White Williams
Emily W. Williams*
Dennis M. Wint, Ph.D.
Edith Stead Wittman*
Paul and Marcia Woodruff
G. Raymond Ziegler, Jr.*
Dr. Fredrick Zumsteg

Honorary Gifts

We are grateful to those who have given to The Franklin Institute in honor of someone special.

Ryan McClellan
In honor of Alex Babillis

The Henry J. Fox Charitable Trust
In honor of Ms. Deborah Fox Bellew

Jane Pepper
In honor of Erica Bilig and Jason Rose’s Wedding

Dr. Ronald M. Maenza and Mrs. Karyl Maenza
In honor of Stephen Bulova’s 80th Birthday

Stan and Marion Cohen
In honor of Stephen Bulova’s 80th Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Calvert, Jr.
In honor of Larry Dubinski

Margie and Jeffrey Honickman
In honor of Bari-Joy Epstein

William Johnson
In honor of Aiden Firlein

Douglas Steinberger
In honor of Greg Fleishman

Mr. and Ms. Ottis Foster
In honor of Andrea Foster

Lucy Fox
In honor of Joe Fox

Mrs. Alfred Rauch, Jr.
In honor of Patsy Garno

R. Clark Hooper
In honor of Patsy Garno

Briggitte Cruz
In honor of Cecelia and Marshall Greiner

Ms. Letitia Biddle and David Knox
In honor of Daniele Greiner

Ann Delaura
In honor of Robert and Rochelle Hirsh

Nancy and Stuart Messinger
In honor of Rochelle Hirsh

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bonner, Jr.
In honor of Nicholas and Athena Karabots

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
In honor of Willie and Jean Loh,
and their love of learning

Mr. William Haines
In honor of Cate Lux

Mark Materna
In honor of Michele Materna

Nadine Biles
In honor of Thomas McCabe

Ryan McClellan
In honor of Penelope Mae McClellan

Andrew Morgan
In honor of Jeffrey Morgan

Dr. Elissa Newport
In honor of the Program Staff

Mr. Thomas Revinski
In honor of The Marriage of Jason and Erica Rose

Ms. Judith U. Arnoff Ms. Lisa Camp
Mr. Andrew B. Samson
In honor of Marvin Samson

Julia and Aaron Skolnik
In honor of Lila and Jordan Skolnik, may you always be curious to learn

Brian van Eerden
In honor of John van Eerden

The Glenmede Trust Company
In honor of Rosalind and Robert Williamses’ 60th Wedding Anniversary

Memorial Gifts

We are grateful to those who have given to The Franklin Institute in memory of a family member or friend.

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Allon, MBA
In memory of Mordecai and Geri Allon

Mr. Daniel Amoroso
In memory of Edwina Amoroso

Ms. Jane L. Johnston
In memory of Pauline Brooks

Ms. Julie A. Cannon
In memory of Raymond Cannon

Healthy Minds, LLC
In memory of Srimati Dixit

Mr. David Shoemaker
In memory of Thomas and Ethel Dulin

The Lung Family
In Memory of Harry Feldman

Gilbert Silverman
In memory of Harry Feldman

Mr. Charles E. Roller III
In Memory of Joe Fergus

Zeynep Ercan
In memory of Beloved Grandmother Hatice

Mrs. Margaret Walz
In memory of The Hawk

Ms. Rebecca Martinez
In memory of Michele Jetter

Mr. Walter C. Kinzinger
In memory of Marian Kinzinger

Shirley Young
In memory of Chanlan Lee

Gilbert Silverman
In memory of Robert Offenberg

Todd Keitz
In memory of David Paulson

John Burke
In memory of William Regan

Richard Kipp
In memory of William Regan

Ryan McClellan
In memory of Alan Turing

Ms. Jennifer Arevalo
In memory of Gilbert West, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Cannady
In memory of Gilbert West, Jr.


Corporate Support
and Event Partners

$500,000 and above


$150,000 to $499,999

The Dow Chemical Company
TE Connectivity
Teva Pharmaceuticals

$100,000 to $149,999

Bank of America
The Boeing Company
Exelon Foundation
FMC Corporation
Janssen Biotech, Inc.

$25,000 to $99,999

American Airlines
The Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia
EMD Performance Materials Corp.
Evolve IP
Frog Commissary
FS Investments
Independence Blue Cross
Liberty Bottling Co.
Lincoln Financial Group
Merck & Co., Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Rowan University
SAP America, Inc.
Sunoco, Inc.
Temple University
Thomas Jefferson University
UGI Corporation
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.



Premier Corporate Partner

In addition to a generous multi-year commitment that supported our Electricity exhibit, Robot Revolution, and Jurassic World: The Exhibition, PECO also funds the PECO Energizing Education Program (PEEP). PEEP provides workshops, curricula, science kits, home energy audits, and other activities to participating schools throughout the year—all to learn about how electricity is produced and its production in a more sustainable future.

$20,000 to 24,999

Aqua America, Inc.
Crown Holdings, Inc.
Drexel University

The Governor’s Woods Foundation
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
Quaker Chemical Corporation
University of Pennsylvania

$15,000 to $19,999

ASTM International
Axalta Coating Systems
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC
Fish & Richardson P.C.
Novo Nordisk

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr
SEI Corporation
Southco, Inc.
Trion, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC



Each year, GSK’s Science in the Summer™ program partners with The Franklin Institute to introduce students in the second through sixth grades to the wonderful and fascinating world of science at their local libraries throughout the five-county region.

$10,000 to $14,999

ANRO Print and Digital
Apple Inc.
Arkema Inc.
Blank Rome LLP
Comcast NBC10 Telemundo62

    Comcast Spectator
Cozen O’Connor
Deloitte LLP
Drinker, Biddle & Reath LLP
The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

Event Network, Inc.
Firstrust Bank
FluidEdge Consulting Inc.
Hawk Capital Partners
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
HM Health Solutions
Leadership Solutions, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Logan Hotel
Mole Street Productions, LLC

The Moody’s Foundation
Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Stradley Ronon
Triad Strategies
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Union Packaging LLC
Universal Health Services, Inc.
University City Science Center
University of the Sciences
UST Global
Vetri Restaurant Corp.

$3,000 to $9,999

Agora Cyber Charter School
American Association for Cancer Research
Archer & Greiner, PC
Credit Suisse
Dorman Products
Harmelin Media

Houghton International
Johnson Controls, Inc.
La Salle University
Pennoni Associates Inc.
Penn Medicine
Philadelphia College of
Osteopathic Medicine

Salus University
Studio Institute
Tozour Energy Systems
University of Pennsylvania,
School of Engineering and Applied Science

Up to $3,000

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
PharmaCadence Analytical
Services, LLC
Philadelphia University
PJM Interconnection
Power Home Remodeling Group
Renewal by Anderson
Saint Joseph’s University
Stevens & Lee
United Way of Greater Philadelphia 
     and Southern New Jersey



Longtime lead sponsor of the Philadelphia Science Festival, the Dow Chemical Company enables 73,701 people to experience 82 events (85% of which were free) across the region, throughout the city, and in their own neighborhoods.

Staff and

Dane Allison
Jerold M. Aronson, M.D.
Andria and Jonathan Ayer
Meghan Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bernstein
Meagan Brackeen
Kelli Morgan Buchan
Stephen and Eleanor Bulova
Susannah Carroll
Stephen and Eileen Chopnick
Donna Claiborne
Jacquelyn Coletta
Jamie and Jason Collier
Sean and Mary Anne Corcoran
Jayatri Das
Kayleigh DiGiacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Louis DiTomaso
Dana Dortone and Stephen Esser
Jennifer Dudek
Ms. Sheila Dyan
Karen Elinich
Bari-Joy and Douglas Epstein
Kenneth R. Floyd
Scott and Lori Franzke
Mitchell Scott Frizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Gallagher
Marci Generose
Mitchell and Julie Gerstein
Blossom Gica
Larry Gladney
Suzzette Graves
Pamela J. Green
Daniele and Christopher Greiner
Ms. Arlene Grenald
Roger and Nancy Grey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammond
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hirsh
Ms. Debra L. Hofreiter
Dr. Allyn N. Holtzin
Arthur and Barbara Horbach
Dr. Sylvan Hurewitz
Ms. Jacqueline Jefferson
Dr. and Mrs. G. F. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon D. Katz
Siobhan Keefe
Sharon Kiefer
Shelia King
Mr. Richard Klafter
Christopher Kramaric
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Levine
Mr. Richard Longo
Lora Lowe
Ms. Mary Anne Lowery
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Maglaty
Mrs. Regina Maizel
Julie and Andrew March
Joel Marquart
Ms. Barbara A. Maxwell
Marilyn and Jerry Mayro


Ellen Trappey

Of her gift, Managing Officer of the Philadelphia Science Festival/Assistant Director of Public Events Ellen Trappey says, “The Franklin Institute has become much more to me than just a place of employment; in fact, I’ve come to see this place as a home away from home, and the people who work here are my family. I am so proud of the work that we do here and I choose to support the Institute’s Annual Fund because I want to do everything I can to support STEM education and to continue the legacy of this great institution.”

Jessica McDermott
Ms. Jack McDonnell
Mr. Mark McInnes
Nancy and Stuart Messinger
Raymond Milanese
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Mark R. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Missan
Buddy the Beard
Owen Mullin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Needleman
Philip and Judith Pfeffer
Stuart Pittel and Susan Klein
Ms. Susan Poulton
Rich D. Rabena
Eileen and Richard Rauth
Joseph Rockford
Mr. Charles E. Roller III
Jay Rose
Mimi Rosen
Leonard M. Rosenfeld, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert W. Sanders
Stefanie Santo
Matthew and Casey Anne Satell
Randi and Howard Serota
Gilbert Silverman
Joyce and Jerry Skobinsky
Julia and Aaron Skolnik
Reid Styles
Brian Sullivan, Ph.D.
Robert and Margaret Swayne
Ms. Lois H. Switken
Blythe C. Tarbox
Ellen Trappey
Gerri Trooskin and Josh Mann
Dr. Thomas Twardowski
Michael Vartanian
Ms. Gina M. Vellucci
Jacqueline L. Wahlquist
John Wehmiller, Ph.D.
Ms. Patricia Weigand
Dr. Fredrick Zumsteg

Matching Gift


Exelon Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Group

Merck & Co., Inc.
The Glenmede Trust Company
The Pew Charitable Trusts
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Verizon Pennsylvania Inc.
Voya Financial Inc


Corporate Board

Ann Aerts
David Allon
Mary E. Ashenbrenner
Kelly Beaver
Richard J. Bortnick, Esq.
Timothy D. Buckley
Adam Dickstein
Martin J. Doyle
Kevin Duffy
Harold Fullmer
Christopher R. Gee
Andrew Maddaloni
Jennifer Mantini
Douglas E. McCann
Ann Micka
Judith Mondre
Douglas Raymond
Jeff Rokuskie
B. Daniel Seltzer, CPCU
Nilesh Shah
Joel C. Shapiro
Joan N. Stern, Esq.
Taryn Marie Stejskal, Ph.D.
P.J. Vaughan
Roy Wells
Ian Wright

Society Board

Sandra K. Baldino
Ann E. Calvert
Howard Cyr
Pamela Doggett
Daniel Fee
Toni Garrison
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Grete Greenacre
Anne F. Hamilton
Molly Lawrence
Douglas M. Lurio
Joseph P. McAtee
Linda Morales
Michael Morales
A. Hobart Porter
Kevin N. Roller
Nancy Ronning
R. Greg Surovcik
Joyce Walker
Ronald L. Wall
V. Scott Zelov

Special Projects


Alfred Hagen

Alfred (Fred) Hagen’s lifelong affinity for aviation led him to underwrite the renovation costs of the Institute’s Budd BB-1 Pioneer aircraft—the world’s first stainless steel plane—produced right here in Philadelphia in the 1930s and returned home to its perch on 20th Street in 2017. Learn more about Fred’s personal connection to flight by watching his Science Story



“Dear Franklin Institute, Xander is four years old and has earned $13 for helping with a large home project. He decided on his own to donate to the Institute because he enjoys spending time and learning there so much!”

Franklin Institute

Awards Ceremony
and Dinner


Michael C. Forman


Maureen Brennan-Miller


Leanne McMenamin

presented by
Awards week & Associate Sponsor

TE Connectivity

associate sponsors

FS Investments
Evolve IP The Cloud Services Company™
The Governor’s Woods Foundation

Awards patrons

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Danaher and Lynch Family Foundation
The Dow Chemical Company
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC
FMC Corporation

Independence Blue Cross
Janssen Biotech, Inc.
SEI Wealth PlatformSM
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc

Awards Benefactors

American Airlines
ANRO Print & Digital
Aqua America
Arkema Inc.
Donald E. and Hana Callaghan
Comcast NBC10 Telemundo62
     Comcast Spectacor
Cozen O’Connor
Crown Holdings, Inc.
Dechert LLP
Deloitte LLP

Awards PArtners

Penn Medicine
University of Pennsylvania School
     of Engineering and Applied Science
Temple University

Drexel University
Annie Duke
Firstrust Bank
Fish & Richardson P.C.
FluidEdge Consulting Inc.
Mike and Mimi Greenly
Hawk Capital Partners
Highmark Health Solutions
Lisa D. Kabnick & John H. McFadden
Leonard and Susan Klehr
Leadership Solutions, Inc.
LiquidHub Inc.
The Logan Hotel
David J. Miller and Maureen Brennan-Miller

The Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Quaker Chemical
Ms. Judith Quigley Ruse
Marvin Samson Foundation
SAP America
Saul Ewing LLP
Southco, Inc.
Stradley Ronon
UBS Private Wealth Management
UST Global
Vetri Family

Terracotta Warriors

Opening Gala Sponsors


Frog Commissary

Associate event UNDERWRITER

Trion, a Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC

event curators

Blank Rome LLP
Tom Lynch
Lauren and Don Morel

Associate event curators

Aqua America, Inc.
Mole Street
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Southco, Inc.
Luiz G. Vieira

VIP underwriters

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Avery
Maureen Brennan-Miller and David J. Miller
Elizabeth Brodie
Mr. Thomas A. Caramanico
Gus and Jenny Rose Carey
Ms. Annie Duke
Charlie Ehlers
FMC Corporation

Jayne and Walter Garrison
Carole Haas Gravagno
Sally and Richard Henriques
Lee and Rosie Hymerling
Independence Blue Cross
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Maguire, Jr.
Sandra and David Marshall
Joe and Jeanne McAtee

Karen R. Nagel, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Nesbitt III
Marvin Samson Foundation
John S. Schmader
Stevens & Lee
Hope Ulrich

Honorary co-chairs

Ambassador Zhang Qiyue
Consul General of the People’s Republic of China

The Honorable Jim Kenney
Mayor, City of Philadelphia

Back to the Beginning
The Franklin Institute is grateful for the generous contributions of its Supporters

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Mitchell Scott Frizzell


Marci Generose
Christopher Kramaric

list coordinator

Lora Lowe


Kristen McCann
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